Technology about Accessories and Types Of Steel Bar Grating

Metal Open Bar Grating Flooring and Stair Treads

Metal open bar grating is widely used in industrial flooring and stair treads with anti-corrosion materials and anti-slip surface for security.

Determination of Industrial Floor Slip Resistance

Here are detailed determination method, procedure and report of determination of industrial type steel grating flooring.

Common Design Requirements and Recommendations for Installation

Here is overall information about how to design and install steel grating flooring and stair treads for industrial use.

Calculate Principle of Material Capability in Safe Use

Here are the calculate method and principles to determinate if the safety grating materials or types suitable for safety use.

Comparison of FRP Material and Traditional Materials

FRP products is an alternative material as gratings, walkways and platforms. Analyze pros and cons of FRP and traditional materials.

Benefit of FRP Grating

FRP grating is high loading capacity, lightweight, corrosion and flame resistance to be used in sites for safety and decorations.

Project Design of Steel Grating Stair Tread

We can supply you all types of steel grating for stair treads. Besides, we can supply you complete solution for your project and just send us your requirements.

Inspection of Steel Grating

Professional steel grating factory supplies high quality products based on the strict quality control system and product inspection process.

Design Standard of Steel Grating for Trench Cover

Here are three types of steel gratings for different occasions and places trench cover. Different bearing load, structure and specs for your choice.

Steel Grating Design

Steel grating design involves the platform, corridor and gully cover. These designs are improved for details so that the steel grating is durable on industry.

Steel Grating Technology Demands

The qualified steel gratings should meet technology demands including material, cross bar, steel grating loads and surface treatment.

Area Formula for Steel Grating

The area of the steel grating is usually the product of the length and the width. And for the special shape steel gratings, the area contains the cutting parts.

Steel Grating Weight Formula

The steel grating weight means the theoretical weight not the real wight. And there is a computational formula to calculate the relative

Steel Grating Tolerance on Manufacture

To make sure the steel grating is qualified, there is a product tolerance range. And the tolerance is about the cross bar & bearing bar pitch, width and length.

Ordering Requirements for Steel Grating

To increase the trade efficiency, we should make the order plan which contains aspects of the steel grating, size, structure, surface treatment and so on.

Steel Grating Structure

Two kinds steel grating structures, welded steel grating and press-locked steel grating. The former one is common and welded on the joint of the bearing and cross bar.

Steel Grating Application for Different Fields

There are various of steel gratings, such as compound steel grating, welded steel grating and heavy duty grating. These steel gratings are welcome for different fields.

Steel Grating Rain Grate Anti-Water Logging

Three kinds rain grates, reinforced concrete, ductile iron and steel grating. Among them the steel grating is the best choice for its strength and long service life.

Steel Grating for Coal Preparation Plant

The steel grating is used for the coal plant platform, and the floor steel frame should be further reinforced with the steel checkered plate to reduce the vibration.

Heavy Loads Steel Grating Design

The heavy loads steel grating could bear more loads than the normal ones thus it's used as the platform for factories. We should choose the rational specification.