Why Choose FRP Grating for Your Projects

FRP grating, an newly popular and widely used material has its own benefit for treads, platforms, decorative elements and more. Here is detailed benefits of FRP grating, just refer to them and find why it is ideal choice for so many applications.

Cost saving.

The raw material of FRP grating is low. It is much cheaper than various materials of steel grating. In the lifespan, the maximum life can be up to 50 years. And it saves the replace cost. Moreover, there are anti-theft devices for choice to prevent gratings from being stolen, and customers can save the replace cost and labor cost for supervision.

Several different types and colors FRP grating on the ground.
Multi-choice and low cost.

High corrosion resistance.

The glass fiber and polyester resin has excellent corrosion resistance. It will not corrode even in the high corrosive environments. Compared with steel grating, it has wider applications in chemical plants, sewage treatment plants and other high aggressive applications. And fact proves that it is an ideal choice.

The FRP gratings are installed above of the chemical tank.
Anti-corrosion in chemicals.

Maintenance free.

FRP grating has excellent self-cleaning performance, which is maintenance free during its long service life. So you can save lots of efforts and cost for maintenance. In the heavy duty applications, you just need to brush them with water pipe.

Green color FRP pultruded grating is installed on factory platform.
Little maintenance cost.

Slip resistance.

The FRP grating has different surface design to supply excellent slip resistance. Grit surface, strip surface, corrugated surface, concave or convex surface. All these can secure pedestrian and workers from safely passing and operating machines.

A man is stepping on the green color FRP molded grating.
Grit surface and nosing for anti-slip.

High strength.

No matter the FRP molded grating or FRP pultruded grating can supply high strength to weight ratio. Fact indicates that the FRP grating has higher loading capacity than the steel grating. Besides, it will not bending even the heavy vehicles passing.

A heavy duty load is pressing the FRP grating.
Heavy strength to withstand heavy load.

Fire retardant.

As we all know, all GRP products, including GRP molded grating and GRP pultruded grating has excellent fire retardant performance. The flame spread rating of 25 or less, as tested in accordance with ASTM E-84 and meets the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635.

A piece of red color FRP grating in the burning fire.
Keep intact in the burning fire.


FRP grating is about 80% lighter weight than steel grating and is equal to 1/3 weight of aluminum grating. All these make the FRP grating has lighter weight and is easy to install and replace. It need no heavy lifting gear during installation and replacement.

A worker is holding a piece of green color FRP molded grating.
Lightweight for easy carrying.

Ease of fabrication.

The FRP grating is easy to fabricate or cut into needed sizes. You just need the standard hard tools, including circular saws. Furthermore, it can be easily fabricated on construction site if required without affecting the corrosion resistance performance.

A worker is cutting the FRP molded grating.
Easy fabrication by simple tool.

Easy to install and replace.

It has lighter weight and it needs no special heavy duty machines. Besides, it has simple structure, which need no special skills. Just several workers can complete the whole projects. So it is easy to install and replace on sites, which needs few efforts and cost.

Two workers are installing red FRP grating.
Simple and easy to install.


The FRP grating has a slight elasticity, which will not cause uncomfortable feeling even stepping it for long time. Besides, it can reduce back ache for employees who are on foot for long period of working.

A women wearing high-heel shoes standing on the FRP grating.
Ergonomics supplies good underfoot feeling.

Impact resistance.

The high strength make the FRP grating withstand high impact from external force. It can also bear the heavy load vehicles passing. So it is ideal for heavy duty applications in large spanning areas.

A heavy duty vehicle is passing through the FRP grating.
Heavy strength to withstand external force.


FRP grating is non-conductive. So it is very safe to be used in industrial applications. Additional, It is no need earthing, which make the installation more convenient and easy.

Yellow FRP grating is surrounding the transformer.
Non-conductive for security.


Different content of color pigment can decide the transparency of FRP grating. No color pigment added make the FRP grating be transparent, little content of color pigment added make the FRP rating translucent and standard FRP grating is opaque. Different transparency make the FRP grating to be used more applications, such as ceiling decoration, wall cladding and store design.

Five small translucent different colors FRP grating on a bluish grating.
Different transparency for choice.


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