To Reinforce the Steel Grating Floor Frame Structure

There are three boilers on the steel grating platform.
As the factory platform, the steel grating is firm enough to bear the loads of the equipment.

The workshop with multi-layer steel frames for the coal preparation plant adopts the steel grating floor. For there is partial vibration for this workshop, we should reinforce for the steel structure. Due to the process modification, a centrifuge has been added for the factory on the 3.5 m height. Two vibration sieves has been added for the factory on the 7.5 m height. Two cyclone units has been added for the workshop on the 13.5 m. But there is still the vibration with the factory. To solve the vibration problem, we should reinforce for the plant totally and solve the potential safety hazard.

The reinforcement design.

It's a stainless steel checkered plate with short willow leaf pattern.
The checkered plate increases the drag and is anti-clip.
  1. The steel grating could bear enough loads so we don't need reinforce for the basics structure.
  2. The reinforcement project. For the steel column, we reinforce it with the welding angle steel. The secondary beam which is under the vibratory equipment is replaced with strong H shaped steel. For the girder, we should weld the H shape steel and set the knee brace on it. For the other secondary beam parts, we weld the steel grating to reinforce it.
  3. To reinforce the integral area we install the press concrete composite board. The thickness of this board is 130 mm. For the area without vibration, we install the 5 mm thickness checkered plates.
  4. After the reinforcing the rigidity for the vertical and the flat floor increases a lot. There is not vibration between the floor and the equipment. The amplitude is with the range that we could accept.
  5. After the reinforcing, the floor beam could bear the loads on the area where puts the vibration equipment. The damage would not happen when the beam bear the loads directly.

The effect of the steel grating.

The main equipment for the workshop is the vibration equipment. To solve the vibration problem is the key point for the workshop structure. The steel frame plant adopts the steel rating floor and the rigidity of the structure floor is weak so that the rigidity entirety of the structure is not good. The structure resonance happens a lot because the steel grating frame vibrates due to the vibration of the equipment. When we design for the structure we should reinforce for the vibration equipment area. Thus we could decrease the vibration effect for the structure. The measures are that enlarging the beam and the column section area of the vibration equipment. We use the concrete composite board to be the floor. We should install the horizontal and vertical support for the structure.


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