Whole catalog of steel bar grating

  • Welded Steel Grating

    Welded steel grating is resistance welded to a rugged structure for stair treads, walkways, platforms and security fences.

  • Swage-locked grating

    Swage locked grating with I bar or rectangular bars types is a permanent locked structure to supply high strength and rigidity.

  • Press-locked grating

    Press-locked grating with plain and serrated types has excellent lateral stiffness, which is widely used in the industrial and commercial industries.

  • Riveted Grating

    Riveted grating with aluminum or carbon steel materials has high load capacity. It is widely used as heavy duty bridge grating.

  • Close Mesh Steel Grating

    Close mesh steel grating with welded, swage-locked and press-locked types is widely used in the high load carrying capacity need applications.

  • Carbon Steel Grating

    Carbon steel grating with galvanized and painted surface treatment can be used as drainage trench covers in municipal engineering.

  • Aluminum Steel Grating

    Aluminum steel grating with lightweight and economical features is widely used in the industrial applications as stair treads, platform and walkways.

  • Stainless Steel Grating

    Stainless steel grating with alkali and acid resistance is widely used in the salty, wet and other harshest environments.

  • Plain Steel Grating

    Plain steel grating with smooth surface and firm structure is widely used in commercial and industrial applications as stair treads and trench cover.

  • Serrated Steel Grating

    Serrated steel grating with serrated bearing bars has excellent slip resistance is widely used in the wet and slippy places to secure safe.

  • Stair Tread Steel Grating

    Stair tread steel grating with various types, nosing and connection types is widely used in the commercial and industrial applications.

  • Drainage Trench Grating

    Drainage trench grating with various types and materials is widely used in commercial and resident places to drain water and keep ground dry.

  • Platform and Walkway Grating

    Platform and walkway grating with close mesh and welded grating types is widely used in the port, parking lot, factory and pedestrian street.

  • Diamond Safety Grating Plank

    Diamond safety grating plank with galvanized steel, aluminum steel and ss materials can be used in the work platform, catwalks and vehicle steps.

  • Diamond Safety Grating Stair Treads

    Diamond safety grating stair treads with standard or nosing types is widely used in industrial and commercial industries for anti-slip application.

  • Diamond Safety Grating Walkway

    Diamond safety grating walkway with standard and heavy duty types is used in offshore drilling platform and other industries as anti-slip walkway.

  • Heavy Duty Diamond Safety Grating

    Heavy duty diamond safety grating with higher load capacity and better slip resistance performance is widely used in the platform and stair treads.

  • FRP Grating

    FRP grating with various types and specs are widely used in industrial and commercial applications as stair treads, drainage cover and security fence.

  • FRP Molded Grating

    FRP molded grating, a combination of glass fiber and polyester resin is solid and tough for anti-corrosion, high capacity, wide range and easy operating.

  • FRP Pultruded Grating

    FRP pultruded grating, with I or T bearing bars supplies high loading capacity for large span areas as walkway or platform.

  • Covered FRP Grating

    Covered FRP grating, with molded or pultruded FRP grating and solid plate is used as walkway, platform or trench cover in industrial and commercial applications.

  • Transformer Grating

    Transformer grating has hot dipped galvanized steel bar grating and pultruded FRP grating type for good heat dissipation and high load capacity.