Different Fabrication

  • Welded Steel Grating

    Welded steel grating is resistance welded to a rugged structure for stair treads, walkways, platforms and security fences.

  • Swage-locked grating

    Swage locked grating with I bar or rectangular bars types is a permanent locked structure to supply high strength and rigidity.

  • Press-locked grating

    Press-locked grating with plain and serrated types has excellent lateral stiffness, which is widely used in the industrial and commercial industries.

  • Riveted Grating

    Riveted grating with aluminum or carbon steel materials has high load capacity. It is widely used as heavy duty bridge grating.

  • Close Mesh Steel Grating

    Close mesh steel grating with welded, swage-locked and press-locked types is widely used in the high load carrying capacity need applications.