Different Steel Grating Types for Various Applications

It is a steel grating with six bearing bars and three cross bars.
The steel grating is widely used as platform, grating ceiling and stair tread.

There are many types of steel gratings, such as welded steel grating, press-locked bar grating, dense, compound and heavy duty grating. Steel grating is widely used for different projects petro-chemical industry, firepower electric generation, water power industry, harbor and docks, pharmacy, paper making and so on. In addition, steel gratings are to be platform, grating ceiling, stair tread and poultry house floor, gully well and tree pool cover.

Steel grating types.

Steel grating type 1 includes 30/100 and 30/50 series. This type steel grating is widely used for the industrial field. This steel grating owns the best resistance force for the surface. The steel grating of 50 mm cross pitch owns the ability that could resist the force from lateral impact.

The steel grating sketch map shows two different steel gratings with different cross bars pitch.
Schematic diagram of 30/50 and 30/100 series steel grating.

Steel grating type 2 includes 40/100 and 40/50 series. This type steel grating has low cost and it's light. It is good to use for the field whose span is small. This kind of steel grating could meet the wide needs for the production. The steel grating could be used as the enclosure, fence, factory gate, machine protective cover and so on. The bearing bar pitch could be 30 mm, 60 mm, 90 mm,120 mm, 150 mm or 40 mm, 80 mm, 120 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm. The cross bar pitch could be 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm.

The steel grating sketch map shows two different cross bars pitch with 50 mm and 100 mm.
Schematic diagram of 40/50 and 40/100 series steel grating.
On the green mat is the compound steel grating.
Compound steel grating is composed of checkered plate with willow leaf pattern and steel grating.

Steel grating type 3 is exploited for the mining industry. It's used as the platform for the processing plant and transfer station. The compound steel grating is composed of checkered plate on sealed surface and steel grating. It could be constituted with any type steel grating and different thickness checkered plate. But we usually use the G323/40/100 or the G323/60/100 steel grating as the base and the checkered plate with 3 mm thickness is used as sealing plate. As thermal stress may cause shape distortion after hot-dip galvanizing treatment, especially when choosing large spacing grating, it's not easy to flatten. So special attention should be paid when choosing grating types.

The service life for the hot dipped galvanized steel grating.

Table 1: Steel grating service life
The usage field Dry wilderness Wilderness Littoral Industry Sea Harsh sea and industry
Service life (year) 35 40 45 60 95 100

The width and length of steel grating.

The length of the steel grating means the lengthways of the bearing bar. The width means the size of the cross bar. On the lengthwise direction there should be supports on the both sides of the steel grating. The support is not necessary for the width direction of the steel grating. For the gully, the width of the gully is the length of the steel grating and along the lengthways direction is the width of the steel grating. The width of the steel grating is usually 1 m. For the corridor, its width is the length of the steel grating.


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