Necessary Detail Information for Steel Grating Ordering

There are more than six welded steel gratings are placed on the floor.
Welded steel grating is the most common steel grating and it has long service life with galvanized coating.

The order for the steel grating is important for the transaction. There are many matters needed to pay attention during ordering steel gratings. To make sure that the steel grating we are going to talk about the details that are necessary for the goods order.

The steel gratings order contract.

  1. The standard number: the length and the width of the steel grating, the pitch, the thickness of the steel grating, the reinforcing style and the exhaustive size of the steel grating.
  2. The production names.
  3. The type specification.
  4. The surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized steel grating, painting the paint or without coating.
  5. The steel grating size and the end board requires.
  6. The goods area and the quantity.
  7. The steel grating structures: welded steel grating and the press locked steel grating.

Transporting the steel gratings.

  1. The size and the location of the support structure.
  2. The edge for the steel grating.
  3. The steel grating direction.

The technical demand.

  1. The clips installation, the clips types, the number of the clips.
  2. The application area and the building plan where would install the steel grating.


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