Steel Grating, Reinforced Concrete and Ductile Iron for Rain Grate

Recently years, the water logging happens a lot especially in the city. The water logging happens as long as the there is heavy rain, and that's why the climate is abnormal. There should be complete rainwater drainage system: the rain grate, rainwater pipes, inspection wells, rainwater pumping stations and other facilities. Every system is important and closely related. The four systems consists of the perfect rainwater drainage system for the city. We are going to talk about how to choose a rain grate.

The rain grate material.

There are many different materials to be the rain grate, reinforced concrete, gray cast iron, ductile iron and steel grating. The different drain hole design could influence the draining effect.

There are four different types rain grates and they own different advantages.
Three materials for the rain grates, reinforced concrete rain grate, ductile iron rain grate and steel grating rain grate.
  1. Reinforced concrete rain grate: The reinforced concrete is the earliest choice to be the rain grate. It's cheap and easy to purchase. There is not security problem. But the hole could not be too big due to the material. Thus it would influence the drain water. It's also difficult to clean the grate.
  2. Ductile iron rain grate: The ductile iron rain grate is widely used. The material is strong and owns nice appearance. The section to through the rain is big and the hole shape is abundant. There is no recycling value for the ductile iron rain grate. There is lock on the ductile iron rain grate so it could prevent burglary. It's easy to maintain the rain grate. However the interval between the grate could not be too narrow or it would be damaged with too much loads.
  3. Steel grating rain grate: The steel grating is a new material for rain grate. The steel material owns high strength and it's easy to process. We could produce the needed product according to the requires of different roads. The steel grating is hot dip galvanized and increases its service life. The steel grating almost does not need repaired.
Table 1: The materials of the rain grate
The type The water-carrying section The Water discharge (l/s) Service life The coat The advantage The disadvantage
Reinforced concrete (nine holes) small 4.2 short low The cost is low and it is not easy to lost. The water carrying section is small, the appearance is not good, service life is short.
Reinforced concrete (12 holes) small 7.6 short low
Ductile iron (the national) big 20 long middle The appearance is good, the water carrying section is too big. The cost is high, the anti-lost design would decrease the water carrying section.
Ductile iron (anti-lost) small 9.8 long middle
Steel grating big 25 long high The water carrying section is big and it's usage range is wide. The cost is high.

The garbage jam problem.

It's a trash basket with geotextile parceling on the half bottom.
The trash basket could avoid the leaf and garbage blocking the rain grate.

The rain grate is blocked with the leaf.

When it rains heavily, not only the rain goes through the rain grate but the leaves, paper, plastic bags and other garbage go through the rain grate. Once the rain grate is blocked with the garbage, it could decrease the water carrying section and cause the rain connection pipe blocking.

The steel mesh to intercept the garbage.

For the steel grating rain grate, we could weld a steel mesh on the below of the steel grating. The pitch is 1.5 cm–2 cm. This design could avoid the leaf going through the rain grate. We should decrease the garbage deposition and prevent the pipe blocking and pollution for the river way.

For the steel mesh, the mesh opening is small. If the leaf and other garbage block the mesh opening of the rain grate, there would be effect to the drain.

The rain grate reform.

The rain grate is easily blocked with the leaf and the garbage. We could add a trash basket for the rain grate. The trash basket is a basket whose external diameter is small than the rain grate inner diameter. The trash basket could hold back the garbage. On the half bottom of the basket is parceled with geotextile. This design could hold back the trash and filter for the organic compound. The mesh opening area of the basket should not be less than the area of the rain grate water carrying.


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