Completed Products of Steel Bar Grating.

Mengke, a professional steel bar grating manufacturer, is located in Anping county, China. It has years of experiences and can supply all kinds of steel bar grating for you. There are four main classification of steel bar grating, you can browse it and find the perfect products you want. And if questions, we will do our best.

A riveted steel grating on the white background.
Different fabrication
Steel bar grating has different fabrications, such as welded, swage-locked, press-locked and rivets connections. They all have high strength and firm structure to be used in heavy duty applications.
A carbon steel grating on the white background.
Different material
Steel bar grating can be made of different materials including carbon steel, aluminum steel and stainless steel. The different materials have their own characteristics and they are applied into different applications.
A serrated steel grating on the white background.
Different surface type
Steel bar grating has three different surface type: plain style, serrated style and I section style. The plain style is widely used in the common applications and the serrated style steel grating is more popular in slip resistance applications.
A drainage cover is installed on the ground.
Different applications
Steel bar grating with various types is widely used in the commercial and industrial applications. It can be used as stair tread in commercial buildings. It can also be used as platform or walkways in industrial applications.

Six advantages of Steel bar gating

High load capacity

The solid and firm structure makes steel grating have high load carrying capacity. Especially the swage-locked grating and press-locked grating, which can supply the excellent lateral stiffness to the steel grating. The heavy duty steel grating can not only available for pedestrians walking, but also permit the heavy duty vehicles safely passing through.

A car is passing the steel bar grating.

Different materials choice

Steel bar grating can be made of different materials including carbon steel, aluminum steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel grating is the most economical type with galvanized and painted surface treatment. The aluminum steel grating features lightweight and outstanding corrosion resistance while the stainless steel grating has outstanding chemical stability to be used in harshest environments.

A stainless steel press-locked grating, a carbon steel grating and an aluminum steel grating on the white background.

Humanization design

Compared to the standard steel grating, which has a large bearing bar spacing, there are several types of close mesh gratings, with have closer bearing bar spacing for pedestrians wearing high-heal shoes easy passing. The riveted steel grating is available for vehicles equipment, such as wheelchairs, roller skates and other vehicles passing through.

A women wearing high-heel shoes on close mesh grating, a wheelchair on the riveted grating and a baby carriage on the steel grating.

Various fabrication

Steel grating can be classified into different types according to the fabrication. The cross bars are jointed to the bearing bars through welding, pressure locked and rivets connections. The main types are including welded steel grating, swage-locked grating, press-locked grating and riveted grating.

A welded steel grating, a press-locked grating, a swage-locked grating and a riveted grating.

Wide range application

The steel grating is popular with industrial and commercial applications. It is popular with port, parking lot, waste treatment and other fields as platform and walkway gratings, which supply an open and safety operating places and walking ways. Steel bar grating can also be used in the commercial buildings and factories as stair tread grating for temporary and permanent applications.

A combination of trench cover grating, walkway grating and stair tread grating.

Anti-slip surface

There is a type of steel grating has serrated surface and has excellent slip resistance performance. Serrated steel grating is widely used in the places filled with waters, oil and other elements may cause slip accident. It can secure the safe access of pedestrians and vehicles. Additional, it can prevent the workers working on the platform from slipping down.

Hot Products
  • Swage-locked grating

    Swage locked grating with I bar or rectangular bars types is a permanent locked structure to supply high strength and rigidity.

  • Aluminum Steel Grating

    Aluminum steel grating with lightweight and economical features is widely used in the industrial applications as stair treads, platform and walkways.

  • Plain Steel Grating

    Plain steel grating with smooth surface and firm structure is widely used in commercial and industrial applications as stair treads and trench cover.

  • Stair Tread Steel Grating

    Stair tread steel grating with various types, nosing and connection types is widely used in the commercial and industrial applications.

The most popular products and specifications

Metal open bar grating is widely used in industrial flooring and stair treads with anti-corrosion materials and anti-slip surface for security.

Here are detailed determination method, procedure and report of determination of industrial type steel grating flooring.

Here is overall information about how to design and install steel grating flooring and stair treads for industrial use.

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